A zone like no other.

As climbing videos go, this is beautiful: the character, the plot, the setting, the music, all contributing to a visual feast. Alex Honnold, free soloist extraordinaire, is always compelling to watch. Jimmy Chin, photographer and director, excels at providing the right amount of fear and awe and astonishment and wonder. (He’s also posted a behind-the-scenes peek on his blog.)

I won’t detract from the film by discussing Alex Honnold; he’s happiest off the ground and on the rock. There aren’t very many climbers who can do what he does…. so well.

New and improved

Yummy Yarn 2014 by Mary Joy Gumayagay #

I don’t know if anyone remembers that I once kept a knitting blog. In 2003 I started Yummy Yarn to chronicle my knitting experiences: techniques, projects, knitalongs, meetups with other knitting bloggers. Inevitably I joined the list of knitters-turned-designers, and my blog posts became more and more infrequent until I stopped blogging there altogether. (Well, there were other reasons, such as my move to Europe in 2007, and the discovery that my blog posts were being copyscraped. But let’s move on.)

This year I finally made the decision to delete the blog—poof!—and launch a pattern page.

What’s new? Well, it’s hard-coded. Responsive. And the image hover is pretty nifty. I haven’t done code in ages! What’s improved? Yummy Yarn has been stripped down to the essentials. All you have now is a gallery of my designs with links to their respective Ravelry pages and magazines (such as Twist Collective and Brooklyn Tweed), free pattern pdf downloads, and direct Buy now links for premium patterns. There are a few other links, such as Information, Terms of Use, and Contact, as well as external links at the bottom of the page.

Yummy Yarn has re-opened for business!

The Office

The red canopy #

Travel and work: sometimes compatible, sometimes not.

Balance. (A good coffee, croissant au beurre and a killer view can tide you over an intensive project. Tried and true.)

On their blog Signal vs. Noise, 37signals wrote about empathy here and here. (The comments on the second post are also worth reading.) Interacting with clients is a necessary aspect of independent contracting. Empathy is a skill—37signals describes it as such, to which I wholeheartedly agree—and learning it, and using it, is crucial to client relationships. Graphic design is a service-based industry, after all….

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