Pattern release: St. Léger

Now that it’s out, I can finally blog about it. THIS was fun: Wool People. (If you scroll down, all the way down, there’s a black-and-white of me taken at St Leg’, Face Nord, after a redpoint, and I was looking at my next project.)

St Léger: Set #

I designed a hat and cowl set called St Léger, after my local crag in Southern France.

St Léger: Cowl #

Knit in Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER in Sweatshirt, Woodsmoke, and Nest.

St Léger: Hat #

I was just as surprised as everyone else when it finally came out! Fourteen knitters, fourteen design aesthetics, fifteen beautiful woolly items. I’m quite flattered to have been part of this guest designer series.

St. Léger is available through the Brooklyn Tweed website.

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