Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg #

Pretty, pretty Regensburg! Like most European cities, it’s meant for walking. A lot of walking, but there was so much to look at, and take photos of (buildings and inhabitants both). We crossed the Steinernen Brücke and found this view on Stadtamhof, away from the crowds. There was a perfect spot to nap in the sun.

Regensburg #

The Dom, St. Peter’s Cathedral, is majestic in early evening light. It’s gorgeous inside and out; Gothic is an impressive architectural style. That medieval craftsmen were able to erect such high structures by hand is mindblowing…

Regensburg #

Light filters through colored glass windows, offering a peek into the Justice Courtyard. There were many such nooks and crannies in the city.

Regensburg #

At the Haidplatz, people (and dog) watching. I adore such well-mannered European doggies!


Interior of Basilika Sanktemmeram. Once again, fabulously in all its golden Baroque glory.

The city of Regensburg, located between Nürnberg and München on the Donau river, is filled with great history. Bavarian tribes lived in what would become the Roman Empire’s northernmost legionary camp, Castra Regina, under Marcus Aurelius. It was at one point Charlemagne’s seat of power, and its prime location on the major waterway between Eastern and Western made Regensburg the axis of travel to and from all parts of Europe. Wood huts gave way to stone buildings during the Middle Ages, most of which were preserved. Regensburg is also home to the Princes of Thurn und Taxis (founders of the modern postal system). Centuries of decline followed, ending briefly with the founding of the Messerschmidt factory during WWII, and permanently with the founding of the university in 1967.

More photos can be found in 2013 Regensburg.

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