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Pattern release: Antalya


Meet Antalya, one of two designs I created for Twist Collective’s Winter 2010 issue.

Cables are my first love: they’re a great texture, a natural stitch configuration to turn to for winter projects, and oh so flexible, their willingness to twist and bend and separate to fit the projects. I experimented with numerous cable combinations but ultimately the simplest ones worked best. Antalya is knit sideways, a cabled hat formed with short rows and closed with Kitchener stitch. It’s not complicated at all, surprisingly. It’s an engaging knit, so if you’re bored with Stockinette stitch, try this.

Antalya is available at Twist Collective and Ravelry.

(den Arend) squared

(den Arend) squared { # }

Meet Lucien den Arend.

He’s wearing a den Arend! (Cheshire cat smile) Isn’t that a fantastic picture?

Long story short: Lucien found me through the design (I had quietly published them earlier) and asked for a couple of den Arend hats. Oh, I made one for him and for his wife Marjo. He told a US-based friend about them, who turned out to be my Mum’s neighbor. The world just got smaller!

Lucien { # }

I cannot stop tinkering with my own pattern, because sometimes knitting requires a bit of improvisation. I worked with different yarn weights, head circumferences, and hat lengths. Oh, and the brim was knit in garter stitch, which makes for a rather cushy bit of padding around the ears. I adjusted the length so they can be pulled down low over the ears when it’s absolutely cold, snowing and grey outside. But in the meantime den Arend can be worn folded up, as on Lucien, or low on the forehead with the rest of the hat slouch down in the back.

Lucien, I’m glad you liked it! And I hope you get a lot of use out of them both!

Marjo { # }

Blue version: Cascade Yarns 220 in US8
Red version: [Ball band lost] in Red on US9 (body) and US8 (brim) needles

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