Pattern release: Sequoyah

Sequoyah by Mary Joy Gumayagay

I’m very much a scarf/wrap kind of girl. While I appreciate the intricate, gossamer delicacy of lace, I prefer simplicity and solidity. I like pretty, sometimes with purpose. Earlier this year when I decided to knit again, I thought I’d try to come up with some kind of thing that would have scarf characteristics but remain firmly in shawl territory.

Sequoyah by Mary Joy Gumayagay

A shawl shape: a semi-circle. A scarf silhouette: straight edges. A shawl motif: lace, but not too lacy. A scarf background: stockinette stitch.

While I was knitting away on my design, I decided to submit it to WEBS’ open call on Ravelry. Sure, why not? If my proposal was accepted, maybe I’d start knitting and designing again… Fortunately, the staff at WEBS liked my thing, and here we are.

Sequoyah by Mary Joy Gumayagay

Sequoyah is knit from the neck down in stockinette with bands of a simple lace, bordered in garter stitch. The combination of textures resemble growth rings, don’t you agree? It’s knit in 2 hanks of Valley Yarns Charlemont in Mulberry, an amethyst wool/silk that was lovely in the hand. There’s a bit of sheen, which I think is marvelous. Were I to make this easy knit again, I would pick Honey Gold for summer and Dark Olive for fall. At 58″ wide and 29″ deep it’s a good size, wrapping around the shoulders to the back, and I dare say if made in a thicker yarn it would cover even LeBron James… 😀

Sequoyah is available in print and pdf at WEBS and Ravelry. You can also read a short Q&A session on WEBS’ blog.

Sequoyah by Mary Joy Gumayagay

All images © WEBS Yarn.

Another sneak peek…

The art of shawl wearing, from yesterday’s photoshoot. More #indiedesigner pieces in #valleyyarns coming soon!

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Yes, drape it just so…

Sneak peek…

A glimpse at some new #indiedesigner releases for #valleyyarns coming this month! We’ll reveal the first in full on Monday…

A photo posted by WEBS – America’s Yarn Store (@websyarn) on

It’s been absolute aaages since I last designed a knitting pattern, so seeing this Instagram post gave me a bit of a thrill! Hee hee ha ha ho ho!

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